Usability testing for technical products

On demand access to developers ready to test your API, framework, documentation, and more.

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Individually Verified Testers

All Grokk developers and their skill sets have been fully vetted and verified.

Diverse Languages & Platforms

From JavaScript and Go to Scale and Clojure, Grokk's developer network covers a wide range of networks and platforms.

Relevant Industry Experience

Grokk developers come from a broad array of industries and experience levels, allowing you to build out quality tester panels.

How it works

Are you a developer?

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Build a better product

Building products for a technical audience is hard. Ensure you're building the best product possible by testing with actual technical users.

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Reduce your support burden

Remove inaccuracies and clear inconsistencies to cut down on your support burden and reduce churn.

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Create an amazing developer experience

Create happier customers and build better relationships by delivering an amazing developer experience.

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