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Get paid for technical documentation reviews or testing products, such as API or SDK integrations.

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What is Grokk?

Grokk connects companies that are building technical products with developers for user research purposes. If you aren’t familiar with user research, we’d recommend you check out the Wikipedia page!

In a nutshell, user research is a discipline that helps companies understand how people interact with their products. Software companies will typically arrange user research sessions which allows them to observe people using their products. 
For companies building developer focused products, it is very difficult to find developers who have the correct skill set/experience to effectively user test their products. That is where Grokk comes in!

What are the requirements for joining the Grokk developer network?

First and foremost you must be a developer! Eventually, we hope to expand the Grokk network to other professions, but for now we are focused exclusively on software developers. 

You should also have contributed in a meaningful way to a production grade codebase. It doesn’t have to be a Google scale by any means, but your code should be running in production with real customers. 

Lastly, you should feel comfortable recording your screen and audio, speaking out loud, discussing technical concepts, and communicating with people that you don’t know over video calls.

How much money can I make?

The price per session is set by the company running the session. However, developers can typically expect to be paid $100-$150/hr for their time.

What types of sessions will I do?

We run two types of sessions at Grokk: Asynchronous and Synchronous. 

For an asynchronous session, you will be given instructions for what the company would like you to do. You will follow the instructions and record your screen/audio while doing so. 

For a synchronous session, a company will typically set up a video call with you. They might interview you, have you test a new prototype, or provide feedback on an existing product.

What is the minimum time commitment?

Grokk does not have a minimum time commitment. Developers get to decide how much time they would like to spend participating in tests. 

We understand that developers are in high demand and their time is valuable. Our aim is to provide an extremely flexible way for high quality developers to generate additional income.

What is the application process to join the Grokk developer network?

The first step is to fill out the Grokk developer application form. This form allows us to capture information about you, your background, your place of employment, and your technical skill set. 

Once we have an opportunity to review your profile, we will reach out to schedule an onboarding call. On this call, you will have an opportunity to get any questions you might have answered. 

After the call, we will ask you to perform a very short sample test and submit it for review. As long as the test goes well, you will be added to the network.